You walk across a stage, grab your diploma and sign with the relief that you know all there is to know about being an adult. Finally, Your education is completed.

Sorry, but no. While adults were busy filling our brains with linear equations and how to dissect frogs for some reason, we were missing all of the important information for navigating adulthood.

We were taught precalculus but not how to negotiate a raise or buy a car.

We were taught chemistry but not what it actually means to fall in love or how to survive a breakup.

We were taught physical wellness but not what to do with the mind fucks that sneak into our brains after puberty like a ninja and set up camps of anxiety, loneliness and regret.

We’ve made it this far, but after countless conversations with friends, it became obvious to me that our childhood education had a ton of gaps.

That’s where Shit Adults Never Taught Us comes in. This book picks up where the adults left off and helps fill in all our insufficient knowledge by going beyond the Google search bar.

Disguised as a self-help book, this mini-memoir uses personal experiences, including some epic failures, to guide you through the most perplexing moments in life. Shit Adults Never Taught Us covers a lot of topics: including career strategies, mental health, emotional quandaries, and navigating all of the WTF moments of adulthood.